Aggregation and Gelation

We study the properties of aggregates or gels consisting of metal-organic or organometallic-conjugated oligomers or polymers. The primary objective of this project is to design metal-containing molecular arrays that self-assemble in solution and to study the triplet exciton migration on these aggregates. Figure 1 shows a few examples of Platinum-acetylide Oligomers which aggregate or gel in hydrocarbon solvents. The molecules stack to form a ordered fibrous network as shown in the TEM images (Figure 2). The triplet-triplet energy transfer within molecular aggregates consisting of phosphorescent platinum-acetylide oligomers is shown in the emission spectroscopy (Figure 3).

Figure 1. Pt-acetylide oligomers                                       Figure 2. Representative TEM image
Figure 3. Emission of Pt-acetylide oligomers

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